Privacy statement

SXT have four services:
Sign posting
Partner Notification (PN)
Decision support for Emergency Contraception (EC)
Tailored appointments

What personal information is used by SXT?
To deliver the PN service SXT uses the mobile number and / or email address of the person with the sexually transmitted infection (STI) and their sexual contacts who are informed using the PN tool.

The legal basis for collecting personal information
Most STIs do not have symptoms or signs and the majority of individuals do not realise that they are unwell or that they pose a potential risk to their sexual contacts. The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) authorises the use of personal for reasons of substantial public interest and public health [Article 9:2Ii)]; consequently, SXT has taken on the role of communicating this important important to sexual contacts whilst at the same time providing signposting and appointment services to enable the sexual contact to expeditiously access testing.

Where is the personal information stored?
All personal information is encrypted for the duration of time that it is stored by SXT until the service has been delivered. The mobile number and / or email addresses are NOT visible to sexual & reproductive care providers after they have been added. Sexual contacts are linked to the person with the STI in SXT via a unique code. All messages, reminders or cancellations are processed by SXT and they are not visible to providers of the service.

How long is the personal information retained and when is it deleted?
Once the service has been delivered, SXT deletes all personal information from its database and the logs of the associated providers. The role of SXT is to support sexual & reproductive health care providers to deliver high quality services and there is no requirement to hold any personal information once our services have been delivered.

Roles and responsibilities
SXT is classified by the Information Commissioners Office as a data 'processor' ( and the only link between the use of the SXT PN tool and a specific patient can be made by the Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (SRH) provider by the use of the clinic number. The SRH provider is ‘controller‘ of the personal information as they initiate the use of the PN tool and create appointments. SXT empowers the SRH provider with real-time performance metrics so that they can evaluate when services are going well and when additional training and support is required to deliver more effective care.