Appointment Scheduling

Improve your KPIs, funding, service flow and patient experience, all with our simple online appointment scheduling system.

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What is SXT Appointment Scheduling?

SXT’s appointment scheduling system helps patients find and book relevant sexual health appointments removing the administrative burden from your employees.

The four-step process lets patients book appointments, by accessing appointments directly via your website, getting triaged using SXT signposting site or by being referred through the partner notification service.

Be ready to meet the Health Secretary’s challenge of
“decade of patient power” with SXT appointment scheduling.

How does it help you?

List of appointment types when creating time slots

Optimised service, thanks to SXT online triaging

Your clinic needs to make best use of health professionals' time, especially when they have specialised skills. The SXT system lets you list appointments according to the specialists you have available, and patients get triaged so that they can only book suitable appointments.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

Increased patient satisfaction

Patients can access and book appointments 24-hours a day, making it more convenient for them. They can also reschedule and cancel appointments via an SMS link.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

Improved clinic efficiency, saved time & costs

Patient self-service frees up staff time. Also, the system enables administrators to mark as 'DNA’ or cancel the appointment triggering a request for the patient to reschedule - reducing the administrative burden further.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

Reduce the number of DNAs with SMS notifications

Patients are automatically sent SMS messages and reminders that confirm appointment times with a link enabling them to cancel or reschedule if needed - reducing “did not attend” rates.

Helping you meet KPIs

The system was designed to help you attract patients that are most at risk, improving your KPIs and income potential.

Data compliant

To reduce privacy risks, we only ask patients for essential information. We are GDPR compliant and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Simple to use

Both clinics and patients find the system easy and convenient to use, thanks to our extensive user testing and optimisation.

How it works for your clinic

Image showing the popup for the creating of time slots in the provider area

How it works for your clinic

  • 1. Select the time slots you have available for your services from a calendar.
  • 2. Select the services you can provide during the selected time slots.
  • 3. Patients can then see and book those time slots when they search.
  • 4. You can then see a list of booked appointments with patient details.
  • 5. You can cancel appointments or mark as ‘DNA’.

How it works for patients

1. Search for clinics based on their needs.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

2. See nearby clinics offering those services.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

3. Browse clinics and see available time slots.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

4. Select a time and book an appointment.

List of appointment types when creating time slots

5. Receive SMS confirmation and reminder.

List of appointment types when creating time slots


Services are provided with unlimited use of the booking module when they opt for an annual PN plan. Otherwise the unit cost is £0.50 for each attended appointment.

The price per appointment attended:

* Unlimited use with annual PN plans

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