Emergency contraception calculator - your summary

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You are at LOW RISK of falling pregnant

Based on your answers, you are at low risk but may still need emergency contraception.

Please show this page to a health professional when you visit a clinic.

If you are at risk, you should consider a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the sexual intercourse that you are concerned about or as soon as you realise your period is late. You can buy pregnancy tests in 'pound' shops or pharmacies and they are free in sexual health clinics.

Also if you have a new partner, we recommend you have a STI screening.

All results are based on the answers provided. Please review your answers with a health professional at the clinic or pharmacy, they will be able to advise you on any risks with taking a particular course of action.

Please note, if you have had emergency contraception in the past month, this may affect the recommended course of action.

Summary of your answers
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  • When did you have unprotected sex?


  • Are your menstrual cycles usually regular?


  • What is the shortest length of your menstrual cycle?


  • When was the FIRST day of your last period?


  • Have you taken any emergency contraceptive pills in the last 30 days?


  • Have you used a contraceptive method from the list below, in the last 28 days?